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Low Manipulation Hairstyles Tips For Women With Natural Hair

Low manipulation hairstyles are hairstyles that require minimal styling and maintenance. You choose these styles when you want to wear you natural hair in a natural or slightly styled state, without the need for frequent heat styling or chemical treatments. Consider low manipulation hairstyles when you want to reduce the amount of damage to their hair, or prefer a more natural look. Some examples of low manipulation hairstyles for women include wash and go styles, braid outs, twist outs, and buns. You can achieve these styles without the use of heat tools or chemical relaxers. Women can wear these styles for several days without the need for touch-ups.

What Are Some Examples?

Here are some low manipulation hairstyles for women with natural hair:

1. Protective styles: These are hairstyles that involve tucking the ends of your hair away, such as braids, twists, and updos. Wear these styles to reduce your amount of daily styling and combing. This choice which is particularly helpful for those with natural hair that is prone to tangles and breakage.

2. Pineapple: This is a simple style that involves gathering all of your hair on the top of your head and securing it with a hair tie or scrunchie. This keeps your hair off of your neck and face and can help to reduce tangles and breakage.

3. Bantu knots: You can create these small knots when you divide the hair into sections and twist each section around itself to form a knot. You can leave your Bantu knots for several days, and they are a great way to stretch and define curls.

4. Wash and go: This style involves washing your hair and then allowing it to air dry while applying a curl-defining product. Choose this low manipulation style if your curls have natural definition.

5. Finger coils: This style involves using your fingers to create small, tight coils in your hair. Finger coils are a great way to stretch and define curls without using heat or other styling tools.

Always gently style your natural hair and use products that make your hair healthy and keep it moisturized.

The Best Tools for Low Manipulation Hairstyles

The right tool can make or break your natural hair style. In turn, remember that low manipulation hairstyles generally require fewer styling tools and products than high manipulation styles. Some tools that may be useful for creating and maintaining low manipulation hairstyles include:

  1. Wide-tooth comb: A wide-tooth comb can be used to detangle hair without causing too much damage. It is particularly useful for styles that involve natural curls or waves.
  2. Shower cap: A shower cap can be used to protect hair from getting wet during showering, which can help to reduce the need for frequent washing and styling.
  3. Satin or silk hair wraps: Satin or silk hair wraps can be used to protect the hair at night and reduce the need for heat styling. They can help to reduce frizz and maintain the shape of the hairstyle.
  4. Hair clips or pins: Hair clips or pins can be used to secure sections of hair in place without the need for heat styling or chemical products.
  5. Natural hair styling products: Natural hair styling products, such as leave-in conditioners, curl creams, and oils, can be used to enhance and maintain low manipulation hairstyles. These products are generally gentler on the hair than chemical-based products and may help to reduce damage.

What are some good wide-tooth combs to use to detangle natural hair?

There are many good wide-tooth combs available for detangling natural hair. Some options to consider include:

  1. The Denman D3 Classic Styling Brush: Use this wide-tooth comb, as it is made with anti-static, heat resistant nylon bristles and a rubberized handle. It is designed to help detangle and define curls without causing breakage.
  2. The Ouidad Wide-Tooth Rake Comb: This comb is designed specifically for use on curly hair, and has a wider tooth spacing to help gently detangle curls without pulling or damaging the hair.
  3. The Miss Jessie’s Wide Tooth Comb: You will notice that this wide-tooth comb is made with sturdy, heat-resistant plastic. The company designed it to help untangle and bring curl definition without causing breakage.
  4. The Camille Rose Naturals Wide Tooth Detangling Comb: This company made the comb with natural, hand-carved wood. They designed it to gently detangle and not damage your natural hair.

You should select a wide-tooth comb with gentle, non-damaging materials. This is a great rule of thumb. Also look for one that you can use on natural hair because of its design. This will help to minimize damage and breakage when detangling your hair.

What Are Some Good Satin or silk hair wraps for natural hair?

Satin or silk hair wraps can be a great way to protect and maintain natural hair, as they can help to reduce frizz, maintain the shape of your hairstyle, and protect against damage caused by friction. Some good options for satin or silk hair wraps include:

  1. The Bonnet Braided Satin Sleep Cap: You will wear this satin hair wrap like a hat. It has a braided design for a more secure fit.
  2. The Satin Lined Cap: This satin hair wrap stretches because of its comfortable fabric. This fits snugly over the head to protect hair from damage.
  3. The Night Cap Satin Lined Sleep Cap: This satin hair wrap features stretchy, comfortable fabric. Its shorter length helps to keep hair in place while you sleep.
  4. The Grace Eleyae Satin-Lined Slap: Wear this satin hair wrap over the head like a head scarf. You can adjust it to fit different head sizes.

When you choose a satin or silk hair wrap, look for one with a comfortable, stretchy fabric. You also need to find one that and that securely fits your head. This will help to ensure that it stays in place and helps to protect your hair throughout the night.

What Is the Opposite of Low Manipulation Hairstyles For Women?

The opposite of a low manipulation hairstyle would be a high manipulation hairstyle. This type of hairstyle requires a lot of styling and maintenance, and may involve the use of heat tools, chemical treatments, and other styling products. High manipulation hairstyles often involve styles that are more polished, structured, and formal. You get these looks when you straighten hair, create updos and curls with heat tools. These styles may require frequent touch-ups and styling to maintain their desired look, and may be more prone to damage due to the use of heat and chemicals. If you are trying to minimize damage to your hair, choose low manipulation hairstyles rather than high manipulation styles.

What Hair Tools Do I Need For High Manipulation Hairstyles?

You can create high manipulation hairstyles with a variety of tools. Some common tools include:

  1. Flat iron: A flat iron is a styling tool that uses heat to straighten hair. Use it to create smooth, straight styles, or to add curls and waves to hair.
  2. Curling iron: A curling iron is a styling tool that uses heat to add curls and waves to hair. It comes in a variety of barrel sizes to create different types of curls.
  3. Blow dryer: A blow dryer is a styling tool that drys and styles hair with the use of hot air. Use it to create volume, to smooth out frizz, or add curls to hair.
  4. Hair straightener: This styling tool straightens and smooth hair using heat. It is similar to a flat iron, but may have wider or narrower plates depending on the styles you want to create.
  5. Hot rollers: Heat these small cylindrical rollers and then place them into the hair. When you place them on your hair, you will create curls or waves.
  6. Hair styling products: You can use a variety of hair styling products, such as mousses, gels, and sprays, to help create and maintain high manipulation hairstyles. These products may contain chemicals that can damage the hair if used excessively or not properly.

It is important to use these tools and products responsibly. Also, follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging your hair. It’s generally best to utilize heat protectant products to minimize the damage caused by heat styling tools.



Consider using minimal heat, chemical products, and natural solutions for your hair. This will help you maintain your hairstyle. As a result, don’t forget to use wide-tooth combs, satin or silk hair wraps. Did you know that hair clips and pins are also useful for creating and maintaining low manipulation hairstyles?

In conclusion, low manipulation hairstyles are hairstyles that require minimal styling and maintenance. You can wear them in a natural or slightly styled state. Don’t wory about using heat tool and chemical relaxers. These are just not necessary. Overall, low manipulation hairstyles are a great option if you want to minimize hair damage and achieve an easy-to-care-for look.

Leave a comment below and share your go-to low manipulation style!

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